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Josh was very, very knowledgeable in his legal area. In fact, he did much more than I expected. He would find the best, safer solution for any of our issues. I would never think of hiring another lawyer as long as Josh is available. He responds fast and would always tackle any matter seriously until its closed/resolved. Highly recommended. Thanks.  -NM



Josh did an amazing job for me! He was always available for a chat, text email you name it! It was one of my best experiences with a lawyer! He even worked for me on his mom's 

birthday! -HC



I had an option to retain multiple lawyers, I picked Mr. Nordan and made the right move for once! -CM


Great lawyer. Answered all questions, and was readily available. -RL 



5 star rating from our clients for:

  • Responding in timely manner 
  • Answering questions clearly 
  • Understanding needs 
  • Giving complete and clear information 
  • Knowledgeable in legal area 
  • Good value for money 
  • 100% Would hire again 
  • 100% Would recommend to friends